Your 2016/17 P60

You’ll notice that your 2016/17 P60 is now available for you to view online. The P60 document is compliant with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) guidelines, however, if you need to complete a tax return you should read the information below which will help you supply the correct information to HMRC.

Premier only started paying your pension from June 2016, so any pension that we have paid to you will appear in the ‘Pension paid by us’ box on your P60. Any other pension that you received from the Cable and Wireless Superannuation Fund during the tax year 2016/17 will be shown in the ‘In previous employment’(s)’ box. This amount is in addition to the pension that Premier have paid to you and if you need to complete an annual tax return, you’ll need to include both figures from the ‘Pension paid by us’ box and ‘In previous employment’(s)’ box. This will ensure that you are providing HMRC with the correct information.

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