Interactive Member Site – My Pension Tracker

We have been made aware that some functionality that was previously provided to members is now not available on the My Pension Tracker site. We are also aware, that due to the old site no longer being available, that members no longer have access to their 2015/16 P60. My Pension Tracker only shows pay and payment histories processed under Premier’s stewardship.

We are currently working with the Trustee to explore opportunities to replicate some of the data that was previously published to members through the old web service. We are actively exploring options to publish historic P60 data along with spouses’ pension details to the website. As this functionality does not currently exist it will require some development and testing before we can update the site and give members access to it. We will provide members with further updates on the progress and timing of this development when we know the functionality will become available. In the meantime, if you do need any of this data urgently then please request it from us directly.

We thank members for their comments and aim to have released a further update to the site over the next few weeks.

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